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Lilliana Escobar

Theogony celebrates our spotlight specialist: the creative, future representative Lilliana Escobar.

Lilliana Escobar is eighteen years old, an editor for Theogony, a co-founder of Yarn Club, and a member of the National Honors Society, Titans Mundial, the National English Honors Society, and Key Club. She was seventeen when I interviewed her on April 12, 2023: the day before her eighteenth birthday, which makes her an Aries. We had our interview at ACHS, but she told me if she could’ve, she’d be drinking Thai iced tea. Heading to Virginia Tech in the fall, Lilliana will be studying International Relations or Public Relations. 

“I’m passionate about crocheting . . . Helping others. I like feeling like I can contribute to something and make it better. I do it to donate those items that I make. I like seeing the faces [people] have whenever they see things I make. It makes them happy,” Lilliana said. Although she’s been crocheting since she was five, taught by her mother, it was during quarantine that she picked it up again. 

Lilliana as a child, smiling in a photo at Charles Barrett Elementary School. On the left, senior Deanna Kosinski

Lilliana is also a dancer. She did ballet for 11 years, starting when she was three, and loves dancing. “I feel like dancing is part of my culture as well. I’m Peruvian; my mom is Peruvian, and my dad is Guatemalan. We love dancing; as Latinas, we are dancing all the time.”  When she was little, her dream was Juilliard, and although she could have pursued it, she wanted something that would “make more money and have a stable future.”  

Lilliana’s mother was a dance teacher as well; her grandmother moved to Alexandria, with Lilliana’s mother following when she was four. She comes from a “family of givers,” all starting with her mother, the “rock of the family.” Alongside her mom, Lilliana has three siblings, all of whom went to ACHS. Alongside her family, Lilliana says her neighbor had a profound impact on her growing up. 

“Every time I’d come over, she’d give me words of advice even if I didn’t have anything to say back. She’d try to mentor me financially, and emotionally,” Lilliana said. “I appreciate that even if she doesn’t understand on a personal level . . . She still tried to help me mature and have that confidence.” 

Lilliana joined Theogony in her junior year. After writing about everything from music to sports, she became an editor as a senior. She said her favorite part of Theogony is “being able to publish [her] ideas.” 

Like a true Aries, Lilliana says her “stubbornness” is one of the things she values about herself. She takes advice with a grain of salt and is a fast learner. That comes with Spanish, too; although Lilliana isn’t fluent in the language, she’s been learning since ninth grade. After originally starting with French in sixth grade, she said that she wanted to learn Spanish to further connect with her identity and family. 

Even if some people might view her as shy, Lilliana is a good friend. She’s incredibly welcoming and dedicated to making other people feel included.

“I think that some people think that I’m closed off for other reasons, maybe being mean or wanting to be alone. It’s actually the opposite; I want to interact, but I just have anxiety. I’m not able to really express my thoughts or speak well . . . If I had it written down, it would sound like someone else was writing it,” Lilliana said.

With a crocheted scarf wrapped around their necks, seniors Deanna Kosinski (left) and Lilliana Escobar (right) pose in front of several bins full of yarn

“She’s the realest person I know. She is so good at listening and we can talk for hours. I’ve been friends with Lilliana since I was five years old, and our friendship has never been stronger,” said senior Deanna Kosinski. “I work with Lilliana, I go to the gym with Lilliana [and] I run the crochet club with Lilliana. We are very compatible. I feel like we always have been. That’s my for-lifer. She treats everybody with so much love and respect. She’s probably one of my favorite people that walks this planet.”

Outside of Theogony, Lilliana said her favorite teacher at ACHS was Ms. Hudson. “She’s a personal favorite for everyone, but I understand why. She doesn’t make you feel excluded, and when I would come to her classroom during lunch every day, I would be there by myself, eating or doing homework or asking questions. I created that bond with her. . . She felt welcoming.” she said.

“Lilliana is one of the most smart and determined people I know. She knows exactly what she wants, and she knows how to get there. She’s so funny, loyal, and multitalented; it’s something I really admire about her. She’s just a go-getter in everything she does and it’s hard to come across people like that. She’s also just a genuinely amazing friend and person, and I know that she’s going to be such a successful person in life,” said Eva Reumann, a class of 2022 ACHS alumnus.

Lilliana’s favorite news source is NPR, but above all, she loves music. When she was younger, she was obsessed with Michael Jackson. Now, she listens to a lot of Childish Gambino, Travis Scott, Off-Set, and Kendrick Lamar. To future editors, she advised building relationships; both for work ethic and article quality.

“Try to connect with the staffers and the editors at the beginning of the year. Get to know them well, so you’re able to lean on them if you have any questions without feeling intimidated. Brainstorming with peers makes the stories so much easier. If you have another point of view of the story idea, you’ll have something to write about,” she said. 

“Liliana has helped me a lot with my articles this year! I learned lots of things from her and I can see improvements in my writing skills all because of her guidance and I really appreciate it. She is such a wonderful and patient person. I wish her all the best in any path that she takes in her life!” said junior Zahra Rahimi.

“Lilliana is a dedicated, hard-working person, but always brings the vibes when you need it. She is talented in many ways, but [she is] mainly a great friend who is there through thick and thin and never fails to put a smile on your face. I admire her dedication to her success and [her] ability to overcome challenges, and I can’t wait to see the places she goes,” said senior Maggie Carlson.

Sitting in the A200s  right before the bell rang, I asked Lilliana the meaning of life.

“Just to live. Live life to the fullest. Don’t even think twice about having fun.”

Yahney’s Note

You are such a kind person! I cannot wait to see what you go on and achieve. It was so nice to get the quotes for this article; your friends truly love you so deeply and it’s beautiful to see. Have fun at university!

Part of the series of Theogony‘s senior editor spotlights. To read about the rest of our graduating editors, go here.

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