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School Board members and employees in the Collective Bargaining Committee meet in the boardroom at ACPS’ Central Office on January 25. Outside the circle, various community members and teachers look on. Board Chair Dr. Michelle Rief, Abdel Elnoubi, Dr. Ashley Simpson-Baird and Meagan Alderton sit around the table. Lawyers from the Isler-Dare firm sit at the side. / Screenshot from the ACPS TV live Zoom recording.

Collective Bargaining in ACPS Reaches New Tipping Point after Draft Resolution Released

Yahney-Marie Sangaré, Co-Editor-in-Chief February 8, 2024

At the January 18 public hearing for the next school year’s proposed budget, David Paladin-Fernandez took the final slot for public comment. Wearing a Titan’s Wrestling hoodie -- the Jefferson Houston...

Graphic by Yahney-Marie Sangare

Proposed ACPS Budget Stirs Controversy Surrounding Teacher Pay

James Libresco, Editor January 31, 2024
The ACPS community is upset about COLA, and they don’t mean the carbonated beverage...
From left: Courtesy of Gina Baum; Photo by James Cullum, Courtesy of ALXnow

School Board Special Election: A Candidate Guide

James Libresco, Editor December 15, 2023
A Theogony guide dives into candidate perspectives and policies on important ACPS topics.
Shannon Campos-Dowdy teaches social studies and serves as a building representative for the Education Association of Alexandria (EAA). / Theogony photo by James Libresco

A Collective Look at Collective Bargaining

James Libresco, Editor November 16, 2023

Collective bargaining has been a central part of labor movements throughout history. America’s leading union organization, the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO),...

Editorial: ACHS, It Should Be Duncan

Editorial: ACHS, It Should Be Duncan

June 21, 2023
The responsibility of a journalist is to chronicle the truth in its many facets with as much diligence, thought and care as possible. Theogony has historically attempted to stay neutral on school endeavors while operating in the aftermath of major decisions that affect us foremost as students — and perhaps equally importantly as student journalists. We comment precariously on these decisions, but as a part of the school community, we want to represent the interests of our school population as much as possible. Thus, we, the Theogony Editorial Board, voice our support for Mr. Alexander Duncan as the best selection for Executive Principal at ACHS. 
The school board with student representatives and Superintendent Kay-Wyatt gather around the dais and Kay-Wyatt poses with flowers.

Kay-Wyatt to Remain Superintendent

James Libresco, Editor May 15, 2023
At its May 4 meeting, the Alexandria City Public School Board announced that Dr. Melanie Kay-Wyatt would remain in place as ACPS Superintendent. Kay-Wyatt has served as Interim Superintendent since September 2022 and was also the ACPS head of Human Resources from 2021 to 2022. She is the first Black woman to assume the permanent superintendent role.
Kay-Wyatt and Hart answer the School Boards questions about the technology. / Image courtesy of ACPS.

ACPS Plans to Pilot Advanced Metal Detectors

James Libresco, Editor February 9, 2023
A new security device will greet secondary students as the enter the schoolhouse gates.
Meeting the New Superintendent: Dr. Kay-Wyatt

Meeting the New Superintendent: Dr. Kay-Wyatt

October 7, 2022
After a tumultuous school year, Alexandria City Public School’s Superintendent Gregory Hutchings announced on June 10 that he would not renew his contract after nearly four years. His official resignation came into effect on August 31. Starting September 1, Melanie Kay-Wyatt serves as the interim superintendent through the 22-23 school year or until the school board can appoint an eligible candidate into the permanent position. 
Fostering Leadership in International Academy

Fostering Leadership in International Academy

September 22, 2022
The International Academy (IA) at Alexandria City High School is a program for students who migrate from their home country to the United States to receive an education. While adapting to a great change in the U.S., IA students are also learning English. IA Leadership was started 5 years ago by teachers Christal Jackson, Jacqueline Rice and Gabriel Elias. They attended a training called CivicTREK by ACPS which allows teachers to connect their curriculum to real-life problems. 
A photo collage of Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin, on the left, and Interim Superintendent Dr. Melanie Kay-Wyatt (right).

ACPS Not to Comply with Youngkin’s Anti-Transgender Policy

James Libresco, Editor September 21, 2022
ACPS has announced it will not comply with a new statewide model school board policy issued by the Virginia Department of Education on Friday, September 16 that aimed to roll back transgender rights for students. 
Proposed Grading Policy Hurts Students, Teachers

Proposed Grading Policy Hurts Students, Teachers

September 20, 2022
At a meeting on August 25, the Alexandria School Board discussed a controversial grading policy focused on addressing equity problems. The meeting came weeks late, and the proposed grading policy, which stated that homework should not be graded, NHI’s should be given instead of zeros, and grades should generally reflect mastery of the curricula rather than completed work, showed a complete disconnect from teacher input.
Schoolboard member Abdel Elnoubi, left, speaks at the September 10 listening session. Councilmember Canek Aguirre, right, writes down notes.

The Frustrations of a Community: Alexandria School Safety Community Listening Session

Yahney-Marie Sangaré, Editor September 13, 2022
Alexandria City Councilmember Canek Aguirre and ACPS School Board member Abdel Elnoubi hosted a community listening session about school safety at Beatley Library on Sunday, September 10. The session was permeated with discussions surrounding the Student Law Enforcement Partnership (SLEP) initiative, media response, and community involvement in legislative processes. Elnoubi said that the decision on what to do with school resource officers (SROs) will be made in October or November, whether that be to leave, remove, or reimagine the role of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the city and schools. This decision will come with the recommendations of the SLEP committee. 
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